FistingNewbies – Full SiteRip (10 videos)

Release date: 2012-2016
Tags: First anal fisting, fisting with pain, blowjob, teens fisting
Siterip size: 15 GB
FistingNewbies, a YouTube channel dedicated to lesbian fisting videos, is available. Although the tube is called Newbie Fisting it has some pretty extreme clips. The clips show young women slowly opening up, fisting and being stretched to the limit. As their pussy gets pierced, multiple hands, fists or arms reach the elbow, they can even get their anus ripped.
This channel showcases a variety of videos with vintage porn. There are also plenty of clips featuring lesbians engaging in intense fisting. Although the clips often show young girls, you can watch them getting stretched right away. Then, watch as their pussy begins to open up and accept her girlfriend’s clenched fist. Some videos feature interesting plots that even include themes of submission or BDSM.
Many of these videos show group sex and gangbang sex. Many girls can be seen in these clips, with up to five women attempting to stretch each other’s thighs simultaneously. This site features beautiful clips of lesbian fisting.

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