Close up – Keira Croft and Hazel Moore anal domination each other with dildos


Hazel Moore, Keira Moore and Keiracroft perform a deepthroat and anal training. Two of the most hot women in the industry eat their own stomachs! Hazel Moore's day begins with her legs stretched out wide. She does it as a favor to Keira Croft, who is domineering. Keria makes Hazel submissive and forces her to lick Hazel’s own juices. Hazel is in awe as the long assy tendril reaches deeply into the swollen ass. The hungry domme is licking and rubbing the tight pink tummy. Hazel was then tied to Keira’s strapped, oversized cock, with an inexplicably powerful bondage. We look at her swollen, distorted insex while she is gasping for air. The night ends with the two lesbian lovers laying down on the earth and enjoying the double-ended Dildo. Initially, it was in the deep, gagging necks of the women, then finally, in the sexy and lubricated assholes. Keira lies on her side, rubbing and massaging her swollen clit. She then coaxes the lover to lick her lusty sexy an** with her long stainless steel dildo. She shakes with trembling when she's sucked into a gigantic orgasm. The sensation will have her sweating and drooling. Hazel, Keira and their liquids are exchanged on the filthy mattress. The two bask under the glow of their dungeon romance as only a pair of depraved sluts would. Release date February 28, 2019

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